Workshop: Michael Deason-Barrow

Sat 20 February 9.30am - 11.30am, The Queens Hall, Narberth

Native American/Sardinian/Bulgarian

Michael Deason-Barrow is a master singing teacher, inspirational choir leader and one of the world’s leading authorities on world vocal techniques.

Discover how the different vocal styles of world musics can open up different aspects of your voice so the whole voice can be revealed. Explore how to create a wide range of voice qualities through learning to vary the way you use your resonance, breathing and registers etc. Open to singers with all levels of vocal and musical ability, this workshop will be uplifting, informative and brimming with energy. Michael’s morning workshop will include learning how to sing the nasal style of Sardinian voices, the bright forward focus and open throated singing of Bulgarian voices and the pulsating vibrato, falsetto and descending vocal glides of Native American chant.

9.30am-11.30am (Showcase 11.30am-12pm

Advance: £10/£9/£5 Door: £10/9/£5

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