Workshop: Michael Deason-Barrow

Sat 20 February 1.00pm - 3.00pm, The Queens Hall, Narberth


Michael Deason-Barrow is a master singing teacher, inspirational choir leader and one of the world’s leading authorities on world vocal techniques.

Learn how to use your voice like an orchestra with different tone colours from different world music vocal styles. Discover how different world views, spiritual perspectives and social structures influence each voice style.

This workshop will open your mind to make music in ways you never thought possible and help you to discover the healing power of singing in different vocal styles. Michael’s afternoon session will include learning how to sing the warm pharyngeal resonance of Russian and Georgian singers and Hebrew sacred chant traditions.

1pm-3pm (Showcase 3pm-3.30pm)

Advance: £10/£9/£5 Door: £10/9/£5

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