Workshop: Fistful of Spookies

Sat 25 February 1.30pm - 4.00pm,

Spookies CoverJoin the Fistful of Spookies on Saturday 25 February for a fun filled workshop of learning to harmonise with the same off-piste style of the Spookies’ comic A Cappella. Enjoy their unique brand of tomfoolery whilst delivering thousand year old Georgian songs. Learning rare singing skills combined with pointless grandeur and ridiculous humour are the ingredients for a magnificent evening.

Like a tide-mark in the enamel bath of song, this rambling, rambunctious collection of UK Spooks keep alive the flame of Spookiness in Britain by reprising classics from the Spooky canon of testosterone-fuelled tunes and tomfoolery.

Time: 1:30-4pm
Venue: Queens Hall Main Hall, Narberth