The Croods (U)

Sat 25 January 11.00am,

A spectacular prehistoric comedy adventure! The Croods are a loveable Stone-Age family.

Headed by Dad Grug , they include wife Ugga and eldest daughter Eep. Grug has only one rule for his brood – never venture outside their cave! But it all gets too much for Eep – whose curiosity gets the better of her. She makes the decision to explore outside the cave – just as a massive earthquake hits. When the dust settles, the family are stunned to discover that their whole world has been transformed! Now Grug must seek out a new home for his family in this strange and unfamiliar environment. And things are complicated even further when Eep takes a liking to nomad Guy. Filled with memorable characters, this energetic family treat takes viewers young and old on an exciting adventure towards new horizons. 98mins

Directed by: Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener