Singing Feast / Supper

Sat 15 February 5.00pm - 7.00pm, Oriel Q, Narberth

In the interlude between NAVF workshops and the Saturday concert, this unique event offers the opportunity to feed the soul as well as the stomach.  Performers and participants will sing for their supper from a menu of songs and food from around the globe. Celebrate the flavours of Morocco, The Yemen and Nigeria among others while joining in song from elsewhere in the world.

We are delighted to welcome charity Heart and Parcel to share their inspirational approach to community building at our first ever a cappella singing feast. Heart and Parcel was founded in Manchester in 2015 with the aim of bringing women from migrant communities together, by making dumplings and developing English language skills. 

In four years they have run over 140 sessions, met over 249 women and girls and partnered with 53 likeminded organisations. They have worked in their local community of Manchester with the help of volunteers on markets, in community centres, supper clubs and restaurants.

They have released a cookbook of international dishes to raise funds for the charity, featuring dumpling and parcel recipes from around the globe.