Saving Mr Banks (PG)

Mon 28 April 1.00pm,

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson star in the funny and heart-warming true story behind Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins’.

Movie titan Walt Disney promises his children that he will make a film version of their favourite book. But he overlooks one crucial factor – the wishes of the author! The book is ‘Mary Poppins’ and its author is prim Englishwoman P.L. Travers. Walt whisks to her to Los Angeles for a full charm offensive aimed at securing the movie rights. But the prickly Travers pronounces herself singularly unimpressed by his “silly cartoons” and accuses him of misunderstanding her very personal novel. He quickly realises that if he’s ever to get his film made, he will have to learn a great deal more about the author’s background. 125mins

Directed by: John Lee Hancock

Starring: Emma Thompson, Colin Farrell,

Paul Giamatti, Rachel Griffiths, Tom Hanks, Jason Schwartzman,Ruth Wilson

Tickets: £4.50 in advance, £5.50 on the door (Ticket price includes £1 booking fee)