Promised Land (15)

Mon 27 January 1.00pm,

Matt Damon stars in this thoughtful drama about a clash between big business and small-town values.

Steve Butler works at Global Crosspower Solutions. The company specialises in ‘fracking’ – the controversial process of extracting natural gas that has been caught underground. Steve and his work partner Sue are dispatched to the deprived Pennsylvania farming community of McKinley, where they aim to obtain drilling rights to local people’s land. They expect it to be a straightforward job – it turns out to be anything but. Schoolteacher Frank calls for a community-wide consideration of the offer – and outright opposition arrives in the form of environmentalist Dustin. Persuasive Steve, who hails from a rural background himself, ends up questioning what he’s really doing in McKinley. 107mins

Directed by:Gus Van Sant

Starring: Matt Damon, Frances McDormand, Hal Holbrook, John Krasinski

Tickets: £4.50 in advance, £5.50 on the door (Ticket price includes £1 booking fee)