Kirsty Martin

Sat 15 February 1.30pm - 3.30pm, The Queens Hall

Choral Activism ‘The Revolution will be harmonised’ – More information on this workshop coming soon.

Kirsty Martin is a choral composer song leader and workshop practitioner based in Brighton, UK. She works with a wide range of groups, including theatre companies, community choirs, work-based creative teams and specially commissioned projects.

Kirsty runs four community choirs; Hullabaloo, Raise the Roof, RiSing and UpRoar. Her most recent solo project is, the Lipman-Milliband funded songbook, ‘The Revolution Will Be Harmonised’ a collection of ten protest songs inspired by the words of literary greats and political heroes, from Jo Cox to Margaret Atwood and Emily Dickinson to Allen Ginsberg. Kirsty will be on a workshop tour with these new songs in the UK in 2019 and North America and Canada in 2020.

Kirsty is a long-standing member of The Natural Voice Network – a grassroots organisation that supports and promotes singing with others as a fundamental community building and bonding activity.