About Time (12A)

Mon 10 February 1.00pm,

A man discovers he can time-travel – which is very handy when influencing the course of his love life!

For many young people, their 21st birthday is an important rite-of-passage. For Tim though, it’s a bit different from the norm… When he turns 21, he’s informed by his Dad that he has the ability to time-travel! Tim is told that he cannot change history but he can change what happens in his own life – which leads to head-spinning complications when it comes to the world of romance! He soon meets and falls head-over-heels for Mary, eventually winning her heart by rewriting history through time-travel trickery. But Tim soon discovers that the wonder of his ‘gift’ has unexpected and drastic consequences for himself and his loved ones. About Time sees British comedy titan Richard Curtis blend his signature gentle wit with an irresistible time-travel twist! 123 mins

Directed by: Richard Curtis

Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Bill Nighy, Rachel McAdams

Tickets: £4.50 in advance, £5.50 on the door (Ticket price includes £1 booking fee)